Friday, August 27, 2010

Figuring things out...

I'm finding that I am running a preschool and a first grade class all at once. In the morning, we have a schedule of first breakfast, than get dressed and each child makes their bed and picks up their area. We then clean up any other areas. They clean their breakfast table and take out their dishes. I then can start a load of laundry and do the morning dishes. They go play and the baby goes down for a nap. I have decided it is best to let them have play time or activities such as playing with playdough or puzzles or bike riding until lunch. We then clean up outside or inside if necessary than come in for lunch. They watch a show then the twins go down for a nap. soon after the baby goes down for a nap too. This is when My five year old will do her first grade curriculum.

I met with a woman that has been homeschooling for several years. She showed me what I need to cover this year and suggested what to purchase. This helped me to feel confident that I can do this in a day each day and feel confident that she is getting what she needs. I drew up a plan with a course of study and now we know what to cover., we completed a project using "b" words with cut out pictures and then wrote the words under the pi ctures. She then made a word list using words that ended in -all and then ending in -ug. This was great writing practice and she took ownership, She then completed two math pages. Then one of twins got up from his nap and wanted to complete a project too. He glues pictures on a paper and we named them and counted them. This will be good for speech development for him too.

Now the two of them ate popsicles and are riding bikes. I have switched laundry and will now do more dishes. I think I hear the baby up from his nap. So far so good. The day is organized and calm. :)

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